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I'm the Editor and Content Director for Optics & Photonics News, published by The Optical Society.
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Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: The New Growth Engines

Michael Clarke looks at some of the growth avenues in scholarly communications. Continue reading

Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: Standards, Standards, Standards

Scholarly Kitchen chef Todd Carpenter discusses technical standards in today’s scholarly-publishing landscape, and what’s on the horizon. Continue reading

Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: Howard Ratner on CHORUS and ORCID

Howard Ratner, Director of Development at CHORUS, brings us up to date on that project and on the ORCID system, which turns one year old today. Continue reading

Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: Peter Brantley on Annotating the Web

Peter Brantley of talks about efforts to bring an open layer of annotation to the Web, and what they mean for scholarly communication. Continue reading

Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: If It Isn’t Disruption, What Is It?

Three Scholarly Kitchen chefs talk about the uses and misuses of the term “disruption” in describing what’s going on in the scholarly publishing market. Continue reading

Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: Peter Binfield on PeerJ

Peter Binfield talks about progress at PeerJ since the innovative OA journal’s launch, and where the journal is headed. Continue reading

Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: Mitch Joel on Rebooting Your Business, and Your Life

Mitch Joel talks about how to survive and thrive in the current era of technology-driven change. Continue reading

Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: Carol Tenopir on Time, Value, and Trust in Scholarly Communication

A conversation with information scientist Carol Tenopir. Continue reading

Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: Jeffrey Beall on “Predatory Open Access”

Librarian Jeffrey Beall talks about his list of predatory open access journals, the potential pitfalls of article-level metrics, and more. Continue reading

Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: Scholarly Societies and the Search for Relevance

Scholarly Kitchen chef Alice Meadows discusses the challenges, and opportunities, for scientific societies in an Internet era. Continue reading

Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: Anita de Waard on the Semantic Web, Data, and Discovery

An expert on the semantic Web, structured markup, and the emerging area of research data services talks about the current state of play. Continue reading

Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: Bibliometrics in an Age of Abundance

Chef Phil Davis discusses the current state of the art in analysis of citation, usage, and other information sources, and some of the opportunities and challenges for bibliometrics in a data-rich era. Continue reading

Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: Jason Priem on Altmetrics, Today and Tomorrow

An advocate for alternative metrics for article impact takes stock of where they are now, and where they’re going. Continue reading

Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: OK Google — What’s Next?

In this episode, Scholarly Kitchen Chef David Smith, Head of Innovation with CABI’s Plantwise initiative, talks with podcast host Stewart Wills about some of the recent news from Google’s annual I/O conference — including thoughts on Google Glass as a fashion statement, on talking to your computer, and on how publishers can tool for the … Continue reading

Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: Making Sense of MOOCs

An interview with the University of Utah librarian and Scholarly Kitchen Chef Rick Anderson about the potential impact of Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Continue reading

Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: Tim O’Reilly on Building a Business and the Scholarly Publishing Scene

In this special SSP Annual Meeting edition of the Scholarly Kitchen podcast, Stewart Wills sits down with Tim O’Reilly of O’Reilly Media — and keynote speaker — to discuss favorite books, creating value, and the importance of diversifying your business. Continue reading

Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: Susan King on CHORUS

An interview with Susan King of the CHORUS steering group about the publisher response to the OSTP public access memorandum. Continue reading

New Scholarly Kitchen Podcast — Adventures with the FOIA

A new episode of the Scholarly Kitchen podcast is ready. This time, we talk with head chef Kent Anderson about his experience filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Continue reading

Second Course: Liveblogging the 2012 SSP Closing Session

3:30 p.m.: David C. notes that publishers are in an interesting quandary — they’re castigated for making a profit, yet they’re asked to make huge ongoing investments to make information more findable and usable. Publishers need to bring out the message about those investments, and the benefit they provide. David S. noted how Seed Media … Continue reading

The Chefs Meet “I Write Like” — or, the Long Arm of David Foster Wallace

The I Write Like site was the hot trend recently — but what of Scholarly Kitchen authors? An analysis tells you who we write like, among other things. Continue reading

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