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The Legal Hot Zone — The Hidden Role of Publishers in Academic and Scientific Legal Disputes

Legal issues are an inevitable part of publishing cutting-edge information in a world as political as academic research. However, the role of publishers in these matters, and their important contributions, are often concealed within necessary discretion. Continue reading

The Andraka Saga Continues — Vengeance via Wikipedia, and a More Complete View of the Claims

The Jack Andraka story develops further. SSP pages on Wikipedia are taken down by a disgruntled commentator. And Andraka’s draft paper gets a preliminary review, and both the reviewers and Andraka admit it’s less game-changing than the media has led us to believe. Continue reading

Taking Stock In the Kitchen: A Look Back at 2013

A look back at 2013 in The Scholarly Kitchen. Continue reading

The Whale Warehouse

What happens behind the scenes with all the stuff that won’t quite fit into a museum? Continue reading

Help Shape the Society For Scholarly Publishing’s 36th Annual Meeting

Preparations are underway for the 2014 Society for Scholarly Publishing Annual Meeting. Lend a hand and help shape the program. Continue reading

UPDATED — 73 Things Publishers Do (2013 Edition)

An updated version of the “60 Things Publishers Do” list, recognizing a baker’s dozen of contributions provided via comments, other Chefs, and a changing world. Continue reading

Join The Scholarly Kitchen for a Session at the Upcoming Publishing Business Conference & Expo

Join a group of Scholarly Kitchen “Chefs” for a session at the upcoming Publishing Business Conference & Expo. Continue reading

Stick to Your Ribs: A Proposed List — 60 Things Journal Publishers Do

Revisiting an attempt to list the things journal publishers do. Continue reading

Out of Office: Summer Reruns

We’re taking a week off. Continue reading

Another Perspective on Library-Press “Partnerships”

A response to Joe Esposito’s post last week about partnerships between libraries and university presses. Continue reading

Side Dishes by Stewart Wills

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