Juanita Goossens-Roach has been in peer review management for nearly 20 years, initially as an Editorial Assistant and currently as Peer Review Group Manager, in Editorial Operations at Cambridge University Press, she manages inter-relations three units in the Peer Review Group: recognizing OPRS (online peer review systems) and PRA (peer review administration) challenges and proactively managing demanding project work driving improvement in responsiveness and service, how these units intersect and interact, as well as third unit of external administrators providing comparable administrative and peer review management.

She is also a Disability and Neurodiversity Ambassador for Cambridge, a focus as she is intersectional: a physically disabled, neurodiverse woman of colour with mental health issues.

She is a member of the ISMTE (International Society of Managing and Technical Editors) Board of Directors and is the liaison to the ISMTE Webinar Committee. She has spoken at previous conferences – ISMTE Global Events, EASE Conferences, internal and external presentations, and has hosted several ISMTE Office Hours sessions, which are virtual, one-hour informal events where a single topic is discussed by the attendees and are open to both members and non-members.

Articles by Juanita Goossens-Roach