Roohi Ghosh

Roohi Ghosh is the ambassador for researcher success at Cactus Communications (CACTUS). She is passionate about advocating for researchers and amplifying their voices on a global stage. With over 17 years of experience in the field, she understands the unique challenges that researchers face and the importance of their work in advancing knowledge and improving society. Through strategic outreach and engagement efforts, she works to build bridges between researchers and other stakeholders in academia to foster productive partnerships that lead to greater success and impact for the research community. She co-chairs the Peer Review Week committee, ALPSP’s Open Peer Review Special Interest Group and the EASE India Chapter and serves on various other committees, including the Scholarly Kitchen Cabinet.

Articles by Roohi Ghosh

Navigating the Retraction Minefield in China and Beyond: A Need for Systemic Changes and Increased Focus on Researcher Well-Being

The nationwide audit of retracted articles in China underscores the interconnectedness of stakeholders within the research ecosystem and emphasizes the importance of aligning incentives and priorities to foster a culture of integrity and accountability. Can similar efforts be applied globally to cultivate a culture of accountability and transparency?  

Redefining “Normal” in Academia

The traditional “normal” in academia often lacks the richness and dynamism required for robust intellectual discourse and innovation. How can we cultivate a “personalized normal” that celebrates the uniqueness of researchers and empowers them to communicate their discoveries innovatively?