Tim Vines

Timothy Vines is the managing editor of Molecular Ecology and an ecology researcher with a PhD in evolutionary ecology. Currently residing in Vancouver, he was born in the south of England, and lived in Edinburgh for eight years before moving to Vancouver in 2003. His fake Scottish accent has now faded completely. He lives with his wife, two daughters, and three chickens (for whom he has constructed a coop/bunker that keeps out the local raccoon gang). He was trained as a safari guide in Zambia, hunted for frogs in the Peruvian jungle, and “went native” in rural Romania during his PhD. He divides his little remaining free time between worrying about the zombie apocalypse and daydreaming about being the sixth member of Spinal Tap.

Articles by Tim Vines

Is Peer Review a Coin Toss?

When authors think peer-review is about their chances of acceptance rather than the quality of their paper, it can lead to the wrong expectations and unproductive behaviors.

Plagiarism — The Great Leveler

Allowing authors access to anti-plagiarism software makes pragmatic sense when you consider the demands scientific journals place on authors for perfect English, the pressures of group authorship, and the incrementalism of most papers. Perhaps it could even do more.