Tim Vines

I'm the managing editor of Molecular Ecology and Molecular Ecology Resources. Before that I was an evolutionary biologist working on hybridisation in stickleback fish and fire bellied toads.
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How Rigorous Is the Post-publication Review Process at F1000 Research?

Comparing the length of post-publication peer reviews in F1000 Research to those done pre-publication in four major medical journals shows authors are less likely to receive constructive or substantial criticism with F1000 Research reviews, despite a highly academic reviewer pool. Continue reading

“I Want” Doesn’t Get — Just Recommending Data Archiving Isn’t Nearly as Effective as Requiring It

Data archiving is becoming a new normal for scientific publishing, but a recent study shows you need to do more than just ask for it. Continue reading

The Referee Who Wasn’t There: The Ghostly Tale of Reviewer 3

The power and identity of Reviewer 3 springs from the shadows to ensnare the unwanted paper. But is it really a powerful spirit? Or just Dad in a mask? Continue reading

The Famous Grouse — Do Prominent Scientists Have Biased Perceptions of Peer Review?

Conventional wisdom has well-known researchers getting more and more requests for reviews, leading some to suggest the system is broken and about to implode. Yet, when real-world data are analyzed, some surprises emerge. Continue reading

Is Peer Review a Coin Toss?

When authors think peer-review is about their chances of acceptance rather than the quality of their paper, it can lead to the wrong expectations and unproductive behaviors. Continue reading

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Plagiarist

Is plagiarism of fiction less of a problem for publishers? Another tale of pilfered prose seems to indicate that checking for plagiarism isn’t something book publishers care about . . . yet. Continue reading

Plagiarism — The Great Leveler

Allowing authors access to anti-plagiarism software makes pragmatic sense when you consider the demands scientific journals place on authors for perfect English, the pressures of group authorship, and the incrementalism of most papers. Perhaps it could even do more. Continue reading

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