Charlie Rapple

Charlie Rapple is a co-founder of Kudos, which helps researchers, and their institutions, funders and publishers, to maximize the visibility and impact of their research. She is also Associate Director of strategic publishing consultancy TBI Communications; Treasurer of UKSG; and Associate Editor of Learned Publishing. Charlie is proud to be a marketer, and is on a mission to sweep away people’s prejudices about marketing and show what a valuable business function it is. She is excited by new techniques and technologies, and passionate about breaking down barriers and improving relationships in the ‘information supply chain’; her background includes metadata management, product management and marketing for CatchWord, Ingenta and Publishing Technology, all providers of technologies and services to publishers and libraries. Among many UKSG activities, Charlie co-founded the KBART initiative (which created codes of practice for the exchange of metadata between publishers and libraries) and started the UKSGLive blog (which – pre-Twitter – provided useful liveblogging of the organization’s annual conference). In other parts of her life Charlie enjoys singing, messing about on rivers, and driving her lovely old Citroën DS.

Articles by Charlie Rapple

What Puts #seriousacademics Off Social Media? 

A recent article by a young researcher, “I’m a serious academic, not a professional Instagrammer”, has spawned a range of responses under the #seriousacademic hashtag. Charlie Rapple summarizes, and considers why it is that “serious” academics might choose not to use social media.