Lettie Y. Conrad

Lettie Y. Conrad, Ph.D., is an independent researcher and consultant, leveraging a variety of R&D methods to drive product strategy and evidence-based decisions. Lettie’s specialties sit at the intersection of information experience and digital product design. As VP and Lead Analyst for scholarly communications at Outsell, Inc., Lettie is bringing more than 20 years’ industry experience to information, data, and analytics providers. She also serves as Product Experience Architect for LibLynx and is an active volunteer with the Society for Scholarly Publishing, among other organizations. Read more about Lettie on LinkedIn, ORCID or Twitter.

Articles by Lettie Y. Conrad

Smorgasbord: A Better Metaphor for Publishing, Twitter/Musk, Equitable Access, and Those Vexing OACA Experimental Controls

A new type of post from us today, offering a smorgasbord of opinions on topics including the ongoing Twitter/Elon Musk saga, just what “equitable access” to the literature means, the ongoing lack of experimental controls in one area of bibliometric analysis, and whether journals are more like a gate or a sewer.