Phill Jones

Phill Jones is an independent technology and publishing professional whose career is a complex, diverse and occasionally nebulous thing. He focuses on the intersection of technology and product development but also has experience in community engagement, editorial, and scientometrics. He’s worked at Emerald, Digital Science and JoVE in a wide variety of roles.

Phill volunteers on the SSP annual conference organizing committee and is a member of the Researcher to Reader advisory board and is a frequent public speaker at conferences and seminars.

In a former life, he was a cross-disciplinary research scientist at the UK Atomic Energy Authority and Harvard Medical School. Phill lives in Edinburgh with his wife, two kids and dog.

Articles by Phill Jones

Why Is It So Hard to Solve Problems with Technology?

Publishing has always been an information technology business. Why then, is our industry often accused of being slow to adopt technology? Do we struggle to integrate new ideas into our systems and workflows more than we should? How can make the best use of new technology innovation without being overwhelmed?

We’re not Drop-outs, We’re Quitters. There’s a Difference!

It was a little while back now that a controversial blogger attacked one or more of the authors of the Scholarly Kitchen for being former academics, questioning whether such people should be working in publishing. In today’s post, Phill Jones argues that such rhetoric contributes to a stigma that is damaging to the health of academia.