Phill Jones

Phill is a co-founder with responsibility for digital and technology at MoreBrains Consulting Cooperative, where he acts as a principal consultant for a range of clients in open science infrastructure, scholarly publishing, and digital product innovation. Immediately prior to MoreBrains, Phill was running his own independent consultancy called Double L Digital. He’s a member of the Learned Publishing Editorial Board and volunteers on the SSP annual conference committee and funder task force. He’s also a member of the advisory board for the Researcher to Reader conference.

Previously, Phill was the CTO at Emerald Publishing. Before that, he held a series of roles at Digital Science, including Director of Publishing Innovation and a senior role in the consultancy division. He was also the first Editorial Director at Journal of Visualized Experiments.

In a former life, Phill was a cross-disciplinary researcher at Imperial College, London, UK Atomic Energy Authority, and Harvard Medical school. His career spanned plasma physics, biomedical engineering and neuroscience.

Articles by Phill Jones

GPT, Large Language Models, and the Trough of Disillusionment

In 2023, AI has been back in the news in a big way. Large Language Models and ChatGPT threatened our’s and many other industries with huge disruption. As with so many threatened techno-shocks, a large degree of this one was hype, but what will happen after the hype fades. What, if anything, will be the lasting legacy of ChatGPT?

Building the Social and Technical Infrastructures to Transform Research Data Sharing One Plenary at a Time

Twice a year, members of the Research Data Alliance come together for a plenary meeting that brings together active working groups, interest groups, and communities of practice. Phill Jones virtually attended the 18th plenary from the comfort and (COVID) safety of his home office. These are some of his observations about research infrastructure, data standards and persistent identifiers.