Hannah F. Heckner is VP of Product, Silverchair. She has served as Product Strategist at Silverchair since the start of 2020. In this position she provides detailed product visioning, helps to prioritize and execute on the platform development plan, and oversees the Silverchair Universe program. She previously served as the Associate Director of Product Development and the Science Partner Journal Program within the Office of Publishing at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). In that capacity she aided in horizon scanning for and executing on new product ideas for the Science family of journals and its supporting advertising and partnerships business lines while also helping to develop and manage the Science Partner Journal program, launched at the end of 2017. Hannah has worked within the scholarly publishing arena since 2010 and has experience within commercial publishers, non-profit publishing societies, and is excited to have made the recent transition to a platform provider.

Articles by Hannah F. Heckner