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I am a Senior Editor with Oxford University Press' journal publishing program. Prior to that I served as an Executive Editor at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, and was also the commissioning editor for their book publishing program. Many years ago, I was a research scientist, receiving my Ph.D. in Genetics & Development from Columbia University, and doing postdoctoral research in neural development at Caltech.
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You Are Old: Kids React to a Walkman

Who knew the changing face of technology could be so painful… Continue reading

Open Access in the Humanities and Social Sciences: An Interview with Chris Wickham

Earlier today, the British Academy released a research project report, Open access journals in Humanities and Social Science. The project was funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), and was meant to address practical issues that may arise surrounding open access (OA) publishing, particularly in the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS). There … Continue reading

Stephen Fry on Language and Grammar Pedantry

“For me, it is a cause of some upset that more Anglophones don’t enjoy language…” Continue reading

This Is a Generic Brand Video, Now With Video

The perfect brand video comes to life. Continue reading

+1 Deer: The Latest Trend in Social Media via The Onion

The Onion’s ever-entertaining fake news service offers up this perfect explanation of the current state of social media, as the established companies scramble to remain relevant. Continue reading

Reproducible Research: A Cautionary Tale

Public access to research data offers clear benefits for reproducibility in some fields. But in the world of cancer cell biology, complexity reigns, and replicating results is not so easy a process. Continue reading

PLOS’ Bold Data Policy

PLOS has set a new policy, requiring authors to make all data behind their published results publicly available. This has been met with a great deal of controversy from the research community. Thoughts on why this policy and why now… Continue reading

The Joy of Conference Calls

A video translates the odd behaviors of the conference call into real life. Continue reading

The UK Government Looks to Double Dip to Pay For its Open Access Policy

A recent announcement from the UK government highlights the unanswered economic questions behind its open access policy. Continue reading

Is Google Glass Part of the Laboratory of the Future?

A new concept video puts Google Glass at the heart of a research laboratory. But is there really anything here that couldn’t be done just as easily with existing devices? Continue reading

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