David Crotty

I am the Editorial Director, Journals Policy for Oxford University Press. I oversee journal policy and contribute to strategy across OUP’s journals program, drive technological innovation, serve as an information officer, and manage a suite of research society-owned journals. I was previously an Executive Editor with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, creating and editing new science books and journals, and was the Editor in Chief for Cold Spring Harbor Protocols. I received my Ph.D. in Genetics from Columbia University and did developmental neuroscience research at Caltech before moving from the bench to publishing. I have been elected to the STM Association Board and serve on the interim Board of Directors for CHOR Inc., a not-for-profit public-private partnership to increase public access to research.
David Crotty has written 231 posts for The Scholarly Kitchen

The Man Behind Schoolhouse Rock!

A visit with Bob Dorough, 92, the man who set education to song for a generation in the US. Continue reading

Quantum Chess, Hawking Versus Rudd, For the Fate of Humanity

A quantum chess death match between Stephen Hawking and actor Paul Rudd. Did I mention the fate of humanity hangs in the balance? Continue reading

Revisiting: The Problem(s) With Credit for Peer Review

Do we need more metrics, or can some questions be answered more easily? Continue reading

Making a Book from Scratch

If you tried to make a book from scratch, how would you do it? Continue reading

Open Data and Trust in the Literature

A short film on the need for accurate statistical analysis and data availability. Continue reading

What Price Progress: The Costs of an Effective Data Publishing Policy

The hidden costs of data availability policies. Continue reading

The Internet’s Permanent Memory: Why Empathy is More Important Than Ever

Victoria Belmont talks about what happens when something you do online is taken out of context and becomes part of the internet’s permanent memory. Continue reading

Greetings from the Age of Abundance

A farewell to 2015, and some thoughts on why our culture has, in an age of abundance, slowed down so much. Continue reading

Speech is Instinctive, Writing is Hard

Steven Pinker discusses a better model for more effective prose, particularly for academic authors. Continue reading

Welcome a New Chef in the Kitchen, Alison Mudditt

Please join me in welcoming a new Chef to the Kitchen. Continue reading

Under the Microscope

A look at the winners in this year’s Nikon Small World imaging competition. Continue reading

Happy 100th Birthday to Relativity–More or Less, Depending on Where You’re Reading This

Celebrating Einstein’s theory of General Relativity with a well-known time traveler. Continue reading


It’s Thanksgiving in the US and we’re taking the next few days off. In the meantime, here’s a seasonal musical interlude. Continue reading

Space Travel in Layman’s Terms

Can you explain a complex scientific process using only the most common 1,000 words in our language? Continue reading

Autotuning Science

The latest clip from Symphony of Science sets famous astronomers to music. Continue reading

Open Access at a Crossroads

There’s no denying the growth and increased acceptance of the concepts of open access in scholarly publishing. But the repercussions of the business models and methodologies chosen for OA are just beginning to be recognized. Continue reading

Raised by Feral Librarians

A short story about what happens when a library closes. Continue reading

The Impact of Color

A video showing how filmmakers use color to evoke an emotional response from an audience. Continue reading

Restoring a Masterwork

How do you restore a damaged painting? The Metropolitan Museum of Art shows the way. Continue reading

Arion Press and the Magic of Bookmaking

Anthony Bourdain visits San Francisco’s Arion Press to learn about the magic of making a book. Continue reading

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