The Friday video this week is brought to you by the Peer Review Week 2016 planning committee. Learn why members of this group – publishers large and small, as well as a couple of non-publishers – believe it’s important to recognize the work of reviewers, and how their organizations are helping achieve this.

Alice Meadows

Alice Meadows

I am a Co-Founder of the MoreBrains Cooperative, a scholarly communications consultancy with a focus on open research and research infrastructure. I have many years experience of both scholarly publishing (including at Blackwell Publishing and Wiley) and research infrastructure (at ORCID and, most recently, NISO, where I was Director of Community Engagement). I’m actively involved in the information community, and served as SSP President in 2021-22. I was honored to receive the SSP Distinguished Service Award in 2018, the ALPSP Award for Contribution to Scholarly Publishing in 2016, and the ISMTE Recognition Award in 2013. I’m passionate about improving trust in scholarly communications, and about addressing inequities in our community (and beyond!). Note: The opinions expressed here are my own


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The audio seems to be missing from the first part of this video.

It works for me, audio starts about 7 seconds into it. If anyone else is having trouble, please let me know.

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