David Parker is the co-founder and Publisher of Lived Places Publishing. In previous professional roles, David founded Business Expert Press, which has more than 1,000 titles in its catalog today. He was also editor-in-chief at Pearson Education early in his career.  David later launched Alexander Street’s Academic Video Online, the largest subscription collection of academic videos in use today in universities around the world.

Lived Places Publishing is David’s most recent effort at bringing together innovative thinking in publishing and distribution with doing important work in the world. At a moment in time when voices are being silenced and teaching the value of difference is under assault, LPP is much more than a business to David, it is a mission.

David is a longtime contributor to Against the Grain with his column “Learning Belongs in the Library.” His writing has appeared in The Scholarly Kitchen, EdTech Times, UKSG Insights, and more. David consults with mission-based organizations seeking to build distribution of their teaching and learning content into university libraries.

Articles by David Parker