David Wojick

I do strategic consulting where science, technology and policy meet. My strategic insights grow from original research on complex issues and technological revolutions. I also do applied research on scientific communication.
David Wojick has written 30 posts for The Scholarly Kitchen

SCOAP3 Lifts Off: An Interview with Ann Okerson

Ann Okerson is the National Contact Person for SCOAP3, a partnership aimed at converting high energy physics journals to an open access model. Continue reading

From USGS Library to ProQuest: an Interview with Richard Huffine on the US Public Access Program

Richard Huffine, former Director of Libraries for the US Geological Survey (USGS) and current Senior Director, U.S. Federal Government Market, at ProQuest speaks about public access policies. Continue reading

Estimating the Adverse Economic Impact of Imposed Embargoes

This is a research report, based on a grant from the American Society of Civil Engineers to explore the potential for adverse economic impact on journals from imposed public access embargoes Continue reading

ETDEWEB Is Now Open To All

An interview with Debbie Cutler, discussing the Energy Technology Data Exchange’s recent move to broaden access to their ETDEWEB resource. Continue reading

Open Access on the Sea of Confusion

How many different definitions of “open access” are there? A look at how conceptual confusions conflict with making effective policy. Continue reading

US Federal Open Access Rulemakings To Come

The US government’s rulemaking process will drive the implementation of the OSTP’s open access policy. An overview of that process is presented. Continue reading

Some University of California Open Access Policy Confusions

A brief analysis of the University of California’s recently announced Open Access policy for faculty. Continue reading

Meet PAGES — DOE’s Prototype Public Access System

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has developed a prototype public access system that is designed to go to publisher’s websites. Continue reading

The Issue Tree Structure of Expressed Thought

This article is about my research into the structure of what we say when we write or speak, and the logical form that underlies the discussion of complex issues. Continue reading

Universities Propose to SHARE Federal Funding Based Articles

Three academic groups have jointly floated a draft proposal in response to the US Government’s OSTP Public Access mandate memo. Continue reading

DOAJ in Transition — Interview with Lars Bjørnshauge, Managing Editor

Lars Bjørnshauge talks about where the DOAJ is going. Continue reading

CHORUS Confusions

Here is how CHORUS works, in its simplest form. Continue reading

OSTP Public Access Memo Deadlines Loom Over Us

The OSTP access memorandum has led to hearings this month. Be sure to contribute and observe. Continue reading

Confusions in the OSTP OA Policy Memo — Three Monsters and a Gorilla

The OSTP public access memorandum provides flexibility across many US federal agencies. The possible complexities combined with current budget realities mean there is much to tame and little to spend doing it. Continue reading

A Taxonomy of Confusions

There are specific contributing factors to confusion and coherence. Understanding these, as well as your own strengths and weaknesses, can help you write, read, and edit better. Continue reading

Leaked Data Policy Raises Monster STM Data Issues

A new proposal regarding federally funded data is leaked. What might a broad policy for public access mean? Continue reading

By Birdie: A New National Academy Report on Data Sharing

The US government views data policy as an emerging area. A new National Academies report reveals the potential and the barriers, many of which are financial. Continue reading

Quantifying OA Complexity

A recent attempt by SPARC and others to assess “How Open Is It?” shows how complex OA publishing is, but also fails to accurately represent the potential complexities in many areas. Continue reading

The New Wave of Gold OA Journals

The flood of OA journals and publishers continues worldwide, but the number of articles is still small in any field. Continue reading

Interview with Fred Dylla, Executive Director and CEO, the American Institute of Physics

An interview with Fred Dylla of the American Institute of Physics, and why funding is at the heart of many issues we currently face. Continue reading

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