OSTP FY 2014 Budget Briefing (201304100027HQ)
OSTP FY 2014 Budget Briefing (201304100027HQ) (Photo credit: nasa hq photo)

This is just a quick note about two looming deadlines regarding the OSTP open access (OA) memo. The National Research Council (NRC) is holding two hearings on the memo in mid-May, but registration is required to view the webcasts, and May 8 is the last day to register. Registration is very simple here:


One two-day hearing is on publications, and the other is on data. There are four options for each hearing — attend and speak, attend, view the webcast, or submit written statements. I encourage everyone to submit written statements and at least glance at the webcasts. Written statements are due by May 10 and are limited to two pages. Write early, write often.

The purpose of these hearings is to gather information, not to provide it, so I do not expect the funding agencies to reveal their OA plans at this time, if they even have them. Using the NRC in this way is a bit puzzling. One wonders if the agencies are trying to make this not look like a rule making, which it most certainly is.

For those new to the issues surrounding the OSTP OA memo, the Kitchen’s larder is well-stocked with background material. See for example the following grist for written statements:

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It would be better if NRC accepted written comments after the hearings so people can respond to the issues raised therein. I urge people to request that the deadline for written coments be extended to a week after the hearings, a form of post publication review as it were.

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