Marco Marabelli, PhD is an associate professor of Information and Process Management at Bentley University where he currently teaches grad courses on business analytics; PhD classes on information systems theories and qualitative methods.

Marco’s research focuses on the ethical/DEI implications of the use of emerging technologies (social media, sensor technologies, the metaverse) in organizations and society and the reasons behind institutional inertia in addressing potential misuses of algorithms. Marco is currently studying automatic (algorithmic-led) decision-making processes in large organizations and negative effects for underrepresented populations. Marco is also interested in the future deployment of the metaverse, the platform’s privacy implications and its potential to exacerbate surveillance and discriminatory practices. In the past two years Marco conducted COVID-related research concerning the role of algorithms in access to care disparities (in the US) and unequal availability of vaccines (US and worldwide).

Articles by Marco Marabelli