Creating a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion: An Interview with Vicky Williams, CEO Emerald Publishing

We all know that our community — and our society — face major challenges around diversity and inclusion. Many of us are committed to tackling these challenges at the individual level, but what are organizations doing? In this interview, Vicky Williams, CEO of Emerald Publishing, shares their experiences of addressing diversity and inclusion as a company.

The Early Career Professionals are All Right: Discussing the Findings of the 2016 SSP Early Career Professional Survey

Ever wondered what early-career publishing professionals are worried about, wishing for, and planning to do–and how you can encourage them to keep doing those things within your organization? The Society for Scholarly Publishing wondered, too, and deployed a subcommittee of professionals (early-career and otherwise) to find out. Here are some of their findings, presented by Early Career Subcommittee co-chairs Emma Brink and Matt Cooper (both of Wiley).