Reinventing the CDC via Mashups?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US (the CDC) has always been a network. It’s role is important and impressive. But can disease surveillance be accomplished in new ways? An interesting site is, where people stricken […]

CrossRef and Blogs

CrossRef recently announced a plugin for WordPress, the popular blogging platform (and the one this blog uses), showing yet again that citations are not vestiges from a bygone print age but are part and parcel of the permanent Web. CrossRef […]

Infomania and Loss of Productivity

It’s from August 2007, but a paper in the online peer-reviewed journal First Monday caught my attention just now. It’s about the phenomenon the authors term “Infomania,” but which can also be called Attention Deficit Trait (ADT). ADT was first […]

Does Twitter Change the Conference?

Scientific presentations have long been semi-private displays of new data and speculative findings. The nondescript conference room, the slide or PowerPoint presentation, and the somnolent audience — all trademarks of the live meeting event, and all part of why these […]