Alice Meadows

I am Director of Communications for Wiley's Global Research (Scientific, Technical, Medical, and Scholarly) business. I previously held a range of marketing roles in both the US and the UK, including most recently as Director of Society Relations for Wiley. I was also a founding partner in a small business offering marketing services to scholarly and STM publishers. Note: The opinions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my employer.
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What Societies Really Think About Open Access

What do societies really think about Open Access? A recent survey, though small, provides some initial answers… Continue reading

How Can We Make the Publishing Process More Sound?

At a time when more research articles are more readily available to more readers globally than ever before, it’s crucial we are confident that those papers meet the highest standards and, that on those occasions where they don’t, there is a sound system in place to revise or retract them. So what can we do to make the publishing process more sound?
Continue reading

The Next Big Things?

Privacy, trust and managing the cultural record bubble to the surface of growing concerns. Continue reading

In (Digital) Scholarly Communications We Trust?

With all the disruption and upheaval in digital scholarly communications, how do today’s researchers decide which articles and publications they can trust to read, cite, and write for? A recent study finds that, somewhat surprisingly, peer review and other traditional tools remain as popular as ever with most groups, though social media is increasingly popular with some. Continue reading

Collaborate, co-operate, communicate!

Much of the public debate about open access is polarized, but a recent study of scientific communications shows that extremism breeds more extremism. Isn’t it time we started to look at more effective ways to communicate – to listen, learn to understand each others’ views, and find ways of collaborating and cooperating, rather than competing? Continue reading

A Brighter Future for the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences?

Journals in the arts, humanities and social sciences are often seen as the poor relations compared with their counterparts in science, technology, and medicine – but perhaps that is starting to change. Continue reading

The Evolution of Digital Publishing and its Formats

A video detailing the evolution of digital publishing, and the enduring popularity of the PDF. Continue reading

The Times They Are A’Changing – Or Are They?

The results of the most recent ALPSP publisher survey offer some surprising results. Continue reading

Why Aren’t There More Women at the Top in Scholarly Publishing?

How well does the scholarly publishing field fare in terms of the number of women in leadership roles compared with others? Continue reading

An Interview with Roy Kaufman, Copyright Clearance Center

Roy Kaufman discusses new ventures at CCC, the impact of OA on licensing and ways to enable text and data mining. Continue reading

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