We’re off today and tomorrow (July 3 and 4) for the US Independence Day Holiday.

Friday’s post about grammar policing (and Richard Sever’s response, that the post was something “up with which he will not put” reminded me of one of my favorite songs that carefully follows the (now largely archaic) notion that one should not a sentence with a preposition. Hence, the chorus below from The Magnetic Fields, “the rest of life pales in significance, I’m looking for somebody with whom to dance.”

David Crotty

David Crotty

David Crotty is a Senior Consultant at Clarke & Esposito, a boutique management consulting firm focused on strategic issues related to professional and academic publishing and information services. Previously, David was the Editorial Director, Journals Policy for Oxford University Press. He oversaw journal policy across OUP’s journals program, drove technological innovation, and served as an information officer. David acquired and managed a suite of research society-owned journals with OUP, and before that was the Executive Editor for Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, where he created and edited new science books and journals, along with serving as a journal Editor-in-Chief. He has served on the Board of Directors for the STM Association, the Society for Scholarly Publishing and CHOR, Inc., as well as The AAP-PSP Executive Council. David received his PhD in Genetics from Columbia University and did developmental neuroscience research at Caltech before moving from the bench to publishing.


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So they put me and other members of the C class in remedial english for which I had to travel two hours through Sunday morning church traffic on the subway lines of NYCity to reach the class. I didn’t quite know what to make of the instruction ‘don’t end a sentence with a proposition’. I got left back in remedial english.

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