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Giving Thanks

We’re off for the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, so we leave you with a musical moment to treasure. Continue reading

Call for Participation for the SSP 39th Annual Meeting

The SSP is looking for your suggestions for its 2017 Annual Meeting. Continue reading

Welcoming a New Chef in the Kitchen: Lettie Conrad

Welcoming a new Chef into The Scholarly Kitchen, Lettie Conrad. Continue reading

Caught in the Middle — Can Publishers Resolve Contradictory Expectations?

A session at ALPSP shines a light on why publishers are caught in an impossible situation — satisfying customers who demand different things at different times, and who are not aligned around the ultimate benefit they all seek to deliver. Continue reading

Labor Day — That Summer Feelin’s Gonna Haunt You

We’re off for the US Labor Day holiday, while Jonathan Richman reminds us to keep summer alive, at least in our hearts. Continue reading

Gone Fishing: Off for the 4th of July

Summertime, and we’re off for the 4th of July. Some suggested listening and reading for the break. Continue reading

On Comment Moderation (or, Why Has My Manifesto Disappeared Into the Ether?)

Let’s talk about the comment moderation policy at The Scholarly Kitchen. Continue reading

Spring Break

We’re on break for a few days, so a musical interlude to tide you over. Continue reading

Guest Post: Kent Anderson UPDATED — 96 Things Publishers Do (2016 Edition)

Kent Anderson returns to update his essential list of just what it is that publishers do. Continue reading

Greetings from the Age of Abundance

A farewell to 2015, and some thoughts on why our culture has, in an age of abundance, slowed down so much. Continue reading

Welcome a New Chef in the Kitchen, Alison Mudditt

Please join me in welcoming a new Chef to the Kitchen. Continue reading


It’s Thanksgiving in the US and we’re taking the next few days off. In the meantime, here’s a seasonal musical interlude. Continue reading

Crossing Boundaries in Scholarly Communication

The theme for SSP’s 2016 conference is Crossing Boundaries: New Horizons in Scholarly Communication. Here are some thoughts on a few of the boundaries that need to be crossed, not just at conferences but also in our community more generally. Continue reading

Viva VIVO! Thinking More Broadly About the Scholarly Communications Infrastructure

Inspired by this year’s VIVO conference, this post looks at why we need a better understanding of how the scholarly research infrastructure works today in order to keep improving it for the future. Continue reading

The Long Labor Day Weekend

A musical interlude to mark the symbolic end of summer. Continue reading

Gone Fishing: Happy Fourth of July

We’re taking a week off, so here’s your traditional 4th of July musical interlude. Continue reading

Closed for the SSP Annual Meeting

We’re taking the next two days off for the SSP’s Annual Meeting. You can follow the twitter hashtag #ssp2015. New posts to resume on Monday. Continue reading

Welcome a New Chef in the Kitchen, Karin Wulf

Please welcome our newest Chef, Karin Wulf from the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture. Continue reading

The Value in Attending Editorial Board Meetings

It is now conference season, which for me means lots and lots of editorial board meetings. The next swing comes in the fall when the fiscal year comes to a close. With 35 journals in the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) publishing program, it can be difficult to provide attention to each and every one. … Continue reading

Elvis Has Left the Kitchen: Thanks Kent

A tip of the hat to a departing “Chef”. Continue reading

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