John Chen supervises Tech Science Press’s general operations, all communications and correspondence. He is also involved in all strategic projects including the journals’ development and logistics, and working cross-organizationally and collaboratively with all liaisons to develop large scale initiatives that make progress to increase the impact. With an academic background in Biology and Biochemistry in Bishops’s University, Canada, John spent several years honing his scientific acumen and managerial skills as an academic project coordinator in Montreal, Canada, from 2011 to 2015 before joining Tech Science Press. At TechScience Press, John held various roles including production, editorial, and management positions before serving as director of development for acquisitions. During this tenure, John has acquired a profound understanding of the industry’s intricate workings, shortcomings and merits. He currently specializes in strategic and operational designs, product development and management, journal acquisitions, and publisher/partner relations. He presided over the operation of 15 journals and issued 9 new journals with different academic cooperation. As such, John has assumed the responsibility for further exploring the manifold dimensions of the field to bring about its far-reaching potentials on solid ethical tenets.

Articles by John Chen