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The Results Are In — A Survey of Book Purchasers

The results from a recent survey on book discovery and purchasing are now available. Print is declining, but still an essential component of the business. Continue reading

What Can Publishers Learn from Indie Rock?

While the recording industry generally gets a bad rap for managing the transition to online distribution, there is one niche that has flipped the model and uses old distribution techniques to sell music across multiple formats. That niche is indie rock and there are some lessons for publishers. Continue reading

E-books in the Academy — A Story of Limitations and Affordances

The current crop of ebooks simply don’t do many of the things that scholars require, leading scholars to urge libraries to continue to collect print books. Perhaps a new kind of service is required to get more scholars to migrate to all-digital solutions. Continue reading

“Hating Amazon Is Not a Strategy” — The World Reacts As Amazon Opens a New Front in the Pricing Wars

The misplaced anxiety and consternation publishers and authors showed in the face of Amazon’s Price Check app revealed an industry and culture rooted in the past. And that’s not where the readers of the future are coming from. Continue reading

“A Novel Bookstore” — A Review

A review of the novel “A Novel Bookstore” by Laurence Cossé, which imagines an ideal bookstore and the policies required, including peer review, to make such a venture possible. Continue reading

Post-Mortem of a Book Empire — Borders, and the Mismanagement of the Future

The demise of Borders is a lesson in management pitfalls. Are STM publishers up to the challenges they’ll be facing soon? Continue reading

Mourning the Printed Book — The Aesthetic and Sensory Deprivation of E-books

Nostalgia about the book will be upon us soon enough. But we’ve been down similar paths before, and so have prior generations. Continue reading

Print Book Sales Fall, E-Book Sales Rise, and E-Books Will Soon Join the New York Times Bestseller List

The migration from print to digital continues for book readers. Even the venerable New York Times bestseller lists are changing in response. Continue reading

Professional and Scholarly Publishing Leads the Market for Ebooks by a Wide Margin

Professional and scholarly titles dominate the ebook market, and are destined to grow further. So why is the media looking the other way? Continue reading

Are e-Books Already Mainstream?

Consumers are adopting e-books, and even as the base grows, the growth rate is phenomenal. It might be the year for a big shift. Continue reading

A View from Inside Amazon

Image via CrunchBase Part of the reason I wanted to self-publish my first mystery novel was to learn what modern self-publishing could accomplish on a shoestring budget. And I was particularly interested in Amazon‘s role in the world of booksellers. Over the past six weeks, I’ve learned a college course’s worth about Amazon — and … Continue reading

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