Going Legit: The Difficult Path from Piracy to Partnership

Though social networking websites continue to proliferate, turning them into sustainable, revenue-generating businesses is still a difficult prospect. For sites based on the illegal distribution of copyrighted material, the process is even more difficult. Is it possible for a pirate to become a respected member of the business community?

When Less Is More: The Upside of Paywalls and Delisting from Google

Rupert Murdoch’s recent moves have challenged the widely held notion that Google and the traffic it generates are essential to a successful web publishing business. Is it better to have lots of freeloading readers or a much smaller group of paying customers? Could the rumored search engine subsidies help support struggling scholarly publishing activities?

Questioning the Attention Economy

Rupert Murdoch’s plans to charge for access to his newspapers has been widely criticized as it will cut the material out of the wider online conversation. But what good is it to be part of a conversation that doesn’t bring in any revenue?

Successful Web 2.0 Business Models

We’ve all read declaration after declaration that the publishing business model is dead and needs to be replaced by a new one. So far, no one seems to have any idea exactly what that new business model should be. A few recent examples are examined….

Infomania and Loss of Productivity

It’s from August 2007, but a paper in the online peer-reviewed journal First Monday caught my attention just now. It’s about the phenomenon the authors term “Infomania,” but which can also be called Attention Deficit Trait (ADT). ADT was first […]

A False Choice

“Wisdom of the crowds” vs. “expertise” is a common contrast these days, with the social web being scrutinized for failings and weaknesses by people who think there’s still a chance of turning back the clock. This week was an interesting […]