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What Is the “News” Associated with Journal Publication?

The news function of journals has many dimensions, a major one consisting of where and when an article is published. Continue reading

A Metric for the Quality of Peer Review: Interview with Adam Etkin of PreSCORE

Adam Etkin describes the workings and rationale for scoring papers and journals based on the rigor of peer review they received prior to publication. Continue reading

Do We Need a Consumer Reports of Journals, Written by the Authors?

A proposal for a community site to review author experiences at various journals suggests the need for a new player in the trust economy of journals. Continue reading

How Rigorous Is the Post-publication Review Process at F1000 Research?

Comparing the length of post-publication peer reviews in F1000 Research to those done pre-publication in four major medical journals shows authors are less likely to receive constructive or substantial criticism with F1000 Research reviews, despite a highly academic reviewer pool. Continue reading

Do Uninteresting Papers Really Need Peer Review?

Do papers reporting null results or confirmational results need to go through the same process as papers reporting significant and novel results? Or do they require only passing a perfunctory editorial review? Continue reading

Validation vs. Filtration and Designation — Are We Mismarketing the Core Strengths of Peer Review?

Narrowing the definition of peer review to only validation standards, we may be exposing peer review in its least flattering light, while ignoring the more reliable and powerful ways in which peer review serves science. Continue reading

Reconsidering the Abstract — Are the Unintended Consequences Mounting?

The abstract is an element of scientific papers we take for granted. Is that a good idea in a networked information environment gravitating to usage-based measures? Continue reading

Will Reference Books and Journals Survive? A Debate

A debate at PSP reveals much, especially after it ends. Continue reading

The Journal of Universal Rejection, and Suggestions for Improving It

While the JofUR may represent a culmination of many trends in publishing, there’s still room for improvement. Continue reading

Kent’s Picks for 2010: The Wikification of Research Reports

The movement to publish more and more demands that we find ways to preserve the trust we’ve built while taking advantage of the sunlight public availability can provide. Continue reading

Controversial Math Journal Relauches: New Editors, Focus on Rigorous Review

Publisher relaunches journal with new editorial board and scope, and a renewed focus on rigorous review. Continue reading

Chaos Journal Preparing to Close Shop?

No new editor, a submission stop, and an announcement to authors to select another journal. As if this weren’t enough, the backlog of unpublished manuscripts is being cleared at an unprecedented rate. Continue reading

Chaos Plays Catch-up

An embattled math journal resumes publishing without its editor. Is this journal preparing to close shop? Continue reading

Chaos Continues in Math Journal

Publisher asks for submission stop while searching for new editor-in-chief. Continue reading

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