Scholarly Kitchen to Launch New Electronic Tablet: The briSKet

I am pleased to announce that the Scholarly Kitchen will soon be offering our very own electronic tablet. The briSKet, or binary roaming integrated Scholarly Kitchen electronic tablet, is a purpose-built device, designed to support all of the scholarly publishing needs of our readers. The Scholarly Kitchen’s business development team has spent the better part of the last year designing the device and its array of scholarly functions and applications.

Why the iPad Marks the End of Price Controls for eBooks—and Why Publishers Have Lost

Publishers may have won the pricing war, but the real struggle is now on for users’ attention. Because the iPad is not a dedicated e-book reader there are, unfortunately, many things that users can do with the device other than read books. Unlike the Kindle, where publishers have the device all to themselves iPad users will be able to surf the Web, play games, watch movies, view their photo collections, listen to music, watch TV, send e-mail, work on a presentation, or access over one hundred thousand applications that do any number of distracting things.