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Dancing Statistics

Understanding statistical analysis lies at the core of understanding data and most research projects. But outside of the research world, where rigorous training is (or at least should be) required, these concepts are often confusing, or ignored altogether. This leads to all sorts of public misconceptions when it comes to understanding the results of the latest research.

As part of a public engagement project, the British Psychological Society has produced a lovely series of short films to help better educate all to basic statistical concepts. Using dance, the films cover the concepts of correlation, frequency distributions, sampling & standard error, and variance. Plus, one dancer occasionally busts out an excellent Robot, which is always appreciated.

About David Crotty

I am a Senior Editor with Oxford University Press' journal publishing program. Prior to that I served as an Executive Editor at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, and was also the commissioning editor for their book publishing program. Many years ago, I was a research scientist, receiving my Ph.D. in Genetics & Development from Columbia University, and doing postdoctoral research in neural development at Caltech.


2 thoughts on “Dancing Statistics

  1. Good find, David. Much more interesting than the textbook/lecture approach most of us received in statistics courses. Thanks for sharing!

    Posted by mcsone | Oct 11, 2013, 4:45 pm
  2. While I have absolutely no real interest in statisics I relearned some things despite myself…and I confess…..I love dancing……so…on target for me.

    Posted by Linda Socha | Oct 12, 2013, 12:12 am

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