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I'm Associate Dean for Scholarly Resources & Collections in the J. Willard Marriott Library at the University of Utah.
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Public Access to Public Books: The Case of the National Trust

The UK’s National Trust owns 140 libraries containing hundreds of thousands of volumes, many of them in the public domain. What would it take to make those books available to the public that owns them? Continue reading

Oxford Commas to Perform at ALA Meeting

Something to look forward to at this year’s ALA meeting. Continue reading

CC-BY, Copyright, and Stolen Advocacy

Even with the protections of traditional copyright, an author may lose control of his original work and see it misappropriated and used for hateful ends. So is it any wonder that many authors have concerns about being required to publish under CC-BY? Continue reading

What Library Directors Are Thinking: An Ithaka S+R Survey Report

Ithaka S+R has just published the latest in its ongoing series of triennial library director surveys, and its findings are interesting and, in some ways, sobering. Continue reading

Rick Anderson at the Smithsonian: “Is a Rational Discussion of Open Access Possible?”

A video of Rick Anderson’s recent talk at the Smithsonian, on why it’s so hard to have conversations about open access that don’t devolve into shouting matches and accusations of bad faith Continue reading

Occam’s Reader: An Interview

Interlibrary loan is a complex and difficult issue in the realm of ebooks. A new tool called Occam’s Reader hopes to simplify the process for libraries, provide better service to users, and reassure publishers worried about rights management. Continue reading

The Scam, the Sting, and the Reaction: Labbé, Bohannon, Sokal

Editors keep allowing nonsense and gibberish to be published in their journals and conference proceedings. How many exposés and sting operations will it take before scholarly publishing begins effectively to police itself? Continue reading

Errors and Misinformation in the ROARMAP Open Access Registry

A particularly pervasive type of error in the ROARMAP registry seems designed to give the impression that many institutional OA policies are more mandatory than they really are. What purpose does this serve? Continue reading

Open Access Mandates and Open Access “Mandates”

When does it make sense to call an Open Access policy a “mandate” — and when does it constitute unhelpful exaggeration? Continue reading

Crowdsourcing Copyright Law in Europe

The European Union sets up a public consultation on copyright policies. Continue reading

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