Phil Davis

I am an independent researcher and publishing consultant specializing in the statistical analysis of readership and citation data. I am a former postdoctoral researcher in science communication and former science librarian.
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PLOS ONE Output Falls Following Impact Factor Decline

Are authors leaving PLOS ONE for higher performing journals? Continue reading

Are Scientists Reading Less? Apparently, Scientists Didn’t Read This Paper

When novel, newsworthy results are discovered to be wrong, is that still news? Continue reading

A Metric for the Quality of Peer Review: Interview with Adam Etkin of PreSCORE

Adam Etkin describes the workings and rationale for scoring papers and journals based on the rigor of peer review they received prior to publication. Continue reading

What is the Lifespan of a Research Article?

A new study reports on the usage half-life of articles in thousands of academic and professional journals. The results may help in the formation of public access policy and the setting of access embargoes. Continue reading

Post Open Access Sting: An Interview With John Bohannon

One month since Science Magazine published its exposé on the lack of peer-review in, and deceptive business practices of, many open access journals, investigative reporter, John Bohannon, responds to critics. Continue reading

Open Online Book Experiment Yields Expected Results

Providing free access to online books has no effect on sales and citations but increase online downloads. A critical review of the study’s research proposal three years ago foretold these very results. Continue reading

Open Access “Sting” Reveals Deception, Missed Opportunities

What can be learned from John Bohannon’s investigative study of open access publishers? Continue reading

Visualizing Article Performance — Altmetrics Searches for Appropriate Display

The design and construction of article performance measures can reveal deeply held biases. Continue reading

Stick to Your Ribs: Challenging the Access Crisis

Revisiting a post from 2011 that called for evidence for a better understanding of access to the research literature. Continue reading

Dynamic Visualization of Biomedical Journals 2003-2012

An animated bubble plot of nearly four-thousand biomedical journals over ten years reveals success, decline and the shifting nature of science publishing. Continue reading

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