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NISO Vets Research on Altmetrics

NISO has released the results of their year long study of Altmetrics in draft form for comment. Continue reading

PLOS ONE Output Falls 25 Percent

Publication output for the largest journal in science continues to fall, just not as fast as leading indicators would predict. Continue reading

Happy Anniversary: 50 Years of the Science Citation Index

This week marks the golden anniversary of the Science Citation Index, introduced by Eugene Garfield in 1964. Continue reading

Altmetrics: Mistaking the Means for the End

Should attention metrics play any role whatsoever in researcher assessment? Continue reading

Reinventing the Impact Factor for the 21st century

If we were to build a citation reporting system today, what would it look like? In this post, I propose a solution that would do away with a separate Journal Citation Report (JCR) and propose a suite of services built around the Web of Science, directed to the needs of journal editors and publishers. Continue reading

Altmetrics Boosted by EBSCO’s Acquisition of Plum Analytics

EBSCO has recently acquired altmetrics startup Plum Analytics. What will this mean for both companies and altmetrics in general? Continue reading

Taking Stock In the Kitchen: A Look Back at 2013

A look back at 2013 in The Scholarly Kitchen. Continue reading

What is Kudos? An Interview with David Sommer, Co-Founder

If there was a word of the year competition for Scholarly Publishing, #Altmetrics would be a favorite to win. David Sommer, co-founder and Director of Kudos discusses how this new service could offer usable measurements of the array of article promotion and influencing activities undertaken by scholars. Continue reading

This Takes the Prize — Editor of New Luxury OA Journal Boycotts Luxury Subscription Journals

The editor of eLife, on the eve of accepting his Nobel Prize, publishes an article designed to give his journal a competitive advantage. Unfortunately, the errors, lack of disclosure of his incentives, and inappropriate dismissal of incentives made the social graph light up with derision. Continue reading

Driving Altmetrics Performance Through Marketing — A New Differentiator for Scholarly Journals?

Does the rise of altmetrics mean a shift in the journal publishing landscape where marketing and publicity efforts surrounding articles take precedence? Continue reading

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