The Society for Scholarly Publishing’s (SSP’s) new Generations Fund has launched in support of the society’s popular Fellowship, Mentorship, and Diversity & Inclusion programs. SSP really believes in the power of these programs to support and engage the next generation of scholarly professionals, and this fund has been developed to provide sustainable funding so that the programs can be offered freely and widely to SSP members and can continue to grow and evolve. More information about SSP’s Generations Fund is available on the SSP Website.

In this sixth episode of SSP’s Early Career Development Podcast, Meredith Adinolfi engages with Vicky Truter (Taylor & Francis), Adya Misra (PLOS), and Sai Konda (American Chemical Society) about their experiences and participation in SSP’s Fellowship and Mentorship programs. The panel discussion touches on what the programs entail and how they’ve affected the participants’ careers and approaches to their work. The panelists also offer valuable advice on what other early career professionals can do to further their careers, particularly those who might be very new to the industry, who might not have any networks at all, and who also might be more introverted.

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Background on this podcast series

SSP’s Career Development Committee launched a podcast series in 2019 for early career publishing professionals. Co-hosted by Meredith Adinolfi (Cell Press) and Sara Grimme (Digital Science), the podcast series offers advice and discussion on how early career publishing professionals can add to their skill sets, develop networks, and take advantage of opportunities. The series presents interviews and insights from experienced professionals on how to navigate one’s career in a diverse and ever-changing landscape of scholarly communications.