In this fifth episode of SSP’s Early Career Development Podcast, Meredith Adinolfi and Sara Grimme engage with Sarah Tegen (Senior Vice President for Journals Publishing Group at the American Chemical Society) and Ann Michael (recently Chief Digital Office at PLOS, currently CEO at Delta Think) about how early career professionals can continue to focus on career development and growth, particularly during the pandemic. Sarah and Ann also discuss some practical tips and advice on what early career professionals can do to advance their careers while working from home during this time of great uncertainty for many in the publishing industry and for the communities that we support.

This episode serves as the second of a two-part series on the publishing industry and the pandemic. Part 1 focused on the strategies and programs that publishing companies have put in place to support staff and employees during this unprecedented and uncertain time.

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A transcript of this podcast is available here.

Background on this podcast series

SSP’s Career Development Committee launched a podcast series in 2019 for early career publishing professionals. Co-hosted by Meredith Adinolfi (Cell Press) and Sara Grimme (Digital Science), the podcast series offers advice and discussion on how early career publishing professionals can add to their skill sets, develop networks, and take advantage of opportunities. The series presents interviews and insights from experienced professionals on how to navigate one’s career in a diverse and ever-changing landscape of scholarly communications.


1 Thought on "SSP’s Early Career Development Podcast: Episode 5, The Publishing Industry and the Pandemic Part 2"

This is my first time listening to the podcast. I enjoyed the positive overarching message: young pros ought to see this period as an opportunity to step up and help out. That’s the way to keep and build relationships within the organization and to become prepared for life’s next curveball.

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