Matthew Salter

Matthew Salter is the Founder and CEO of Akabana Consulting LLC, (, a boutique publishing consultancy that offers strategic publishing, editorial, marketing, business development, and Japanese language services to learned societies, scholarly publishers, educational organizations, and publishing service vendors. Previously, he was the Publisher of the American Physical Society, and before that the Associate Director, Journal (APAC) for IOP Publishing, and the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of MacMillan Science Communication (then a division of Nature Asia-Pacific) based in Tokyo. By training, Matthew is a chemist and holds a BSc in chemistry and a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Imperial College. Prior to transitioning into STEM publishing, he pursued a career in academic research and teaching at leading universities in the UK and Japan. Matthew’s work is driven by a passion for science, communication, and scholarship and he has a particular interest and experience in Asian publishing and business environments.

Articles by Matthew Salter