Ann Michael

Ann Michael is President of Delta Think, a publishing consultancy focused on innovation in product strategy, development, and content management. Delta Think has worked with many major commercial and non-profit scholarly publishers as they clarified their business objectives, defined new content products and business models, re-architected their content processes, introduced new tools and technologies, and developed the skills and expertise needed to be successful in an ever changing publishing environment.
Ann Michael has written 28 posts for The Scholarly Kitchen

Ask The Chefs: What Did You Learn in 2014?

Find out what the Chefs learned in 2014 and share your most important lessons! Continue reading

Ask The Chefs: What Is The Best Career Advice You’ve Ever Received?

We’ve all had someone special that we met or worked with that went out of their way to offer us advice, give us much-needed context, or maybe the encouragement to keep pushing forward. What advice are you thankful for? Continue reading

Ask The Chefs: How Do You Stay Informed About Scholarly Publishing?

We often talk about how our customers (a.k.a. users, researchers, authors, readers, etc.) are being overwhelmed by the flood of information available today. Let’s not forget that we are consumers of information as well. How are we handling information overload? How are we finding the “must-reads” in our profession? How do we sort the highly … Continue reading

Ask The Chefs: Are Publishers Customer Focused?

This month the Scholarly Kitchen Chefs consider how publishers identify and serve their customers? Are they doing it well? What do YOU think? Continue reading

Ask The Chefs: “What is ‘International’ in Publishing Strategy Today?”

The chefs are asked about international publishing strategy and so are you. Tell us how you’d answer today’s question! Continue reading

SXSW Interactive: The Annual Pilgrimage

SXSW Interactive is over, but the impact is not. Why SXSW continues to be relevant to business and publishing. Continue reading

SXSW Interactive — Where the Geeks (and Geek Watchers) Go

SXSW 2013 is heavy on hardware, invention, lessons about taking risks and exploring, usability, and discussions about how best to achieve authority and credibility. Continue reading

The Article — Not Quite Dead Yet

UKSG Coverage – The Future of Scholarly Journals: slow evolution, rapid transformation – or redundancy? @CameronNeylon and @Michael_Mabe debate at #UKSGlive Continue reading

SSP Annual Meeting — A Call for Participation

Now is your chance to shape the SSP program as a speaker or session organizer. The Call for Participation is open now through November 11, and we want to hear from you with a proposal for a session you would like to see, organize, or lead. Continue reading

Stick to Your Ribs: When Did Print Become an Input?

The mental models associated with print are still defining how we work and design. Why has this persisted? Continue reading

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