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The Measurement of the Thing: Thinking About Metrics, Altmetrics and How to Beat Goodhart’s Law

Can machine readable articles, built on author/editor/publisher curated declarative statements and the associated data (or links thereto), be a way of generating metrics that get us nearer to a ‘standard candle’ of scientific research output? Continue reading

Altmetrics Boosted by EBSCO’s Acquisition of Plum Analytics

EBSCO has recently acquired altmetrics startup Plum Analytics. What will this mean for both companies and altmetrics in general? Continue reading

Stick to Your Ribs: Altmetrics — Replacing the Impact Factor Is Not the Only Point

Revisiting Todd Carpenter’s 2012 post on the value of altmetrics. Continue reading

Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: Standards, Standards, Standards

Scholarly Kitchen chef Todd Carpenter discusses technical standards in today’s scholarly-publishing landscape, and what’s on the horizon. Continue reading

Driving Altmetrics Performance Through Marketing — A New Differentiator for Scholarly Journals?

Does the rise of altmetrics mean a shift in the journal publishing landscape where marketing and publicity efforts surrounding articles take precedence? Continue reading

Visualizing Article Performance — Altmetrics Searches for Appropriate Display

The design and construction of article performance measures can reveal deeply held biases. Continue reading

Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: Jeffrey Beall on “Predatory Open Access”

Librarian Jeffrey Beall talks about his list of predatory open access journals, the potential pitfalls of article-level metrics, and more. Continue reading

Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: Bibliometrics in an Age of Abundance

Chef Phil Davis discusses the current state of the art in analysis of citation, usage, and other information sources, and some of the opportunities and challenges for bibliometrics in a data-rich era. Continue reading

Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: Jason Priem on Altmetrics, Today and Tomorrow

An advocate for alternative metrics for article impact takes stock of where they are now, and where they’re going. Continue reading

The Limits of Crowdsourcing in the Scientific Disciplines

Social networking and crowdsourcing have attributes that may make them both incompatible with the goals and process of science. Can we accept that? Continue reading

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