In this engaging and at times moving keynote from the 2012 O’Reilly Tools of Change, actor and literature advocate LeVar Burton discusses how imagination shapes reality, among other things. As someone who was fortunate enough to see this live, I can tell you Burton was utterly captivating that morning.

Happy Friday!

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Kent Anderson

Kent Anderson

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3 Thoughts on "The 2012 Tools of Change Keynote — LeVar Burton Uses the Two Most Important Words"

“… stories are bridges to real world experiences. That you can pick up a book, you can go anywhere in the universe by using your imagination and that your imagination is the key for the unlocking of experience.”

“Doing the same things we have done for years and years and years with a new opportunity, with new tools, with a few more bells and whistles, but yeah, it’s still – and always will be – about story-telling.”


When my daughter was in her single-digit years, we were a hardcore “Reading Rainbow” household. I think she was about six when she declared her intention to marry LeVar, an ambition that she seems to have given up on in the intervening years. Still, even back then (nearly 20 years ago), his commitment to reading and stories really shone through; nice to know he hasn’t lost it.

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