Last week I attended the North American conference of the International Society of Managing and Technical Editors, a relatively young organization and event. Although the conference is growing quickly, it retains that small-scale vibe of walking the walk, agility and action, a comfortable environment in which to throw ideas around. As well as serious moves like the launch of the Coalition for Responsible Publication Resources (about which one of my fellow TSK bloggers will be writing more shortly), there was “out of the box” fun when delegates were invited to use props from a toy box to create quick videos explaining peer review, and concepts such as rejection after single-blind peer review. This was inspired by the conference’s final speaker, Dr Audrey Huang from Johns Hopkins Medicine, whose passion for increasing the accessibility of research led her and colleagues to create the “Science Out of the Box” series covered here earlier this year. For the purposes of Friday frivolity, I hereby share with you my effort (ORCID, in one minute).


Charlie Rapple

Charlie Rapple

Charlie Rapple is co-founder of Kudos, which showcases research to accelerate and broaden its reach and impact. She is also Vice Chair of UKSG and serves on the Editorial Board of UKSG Insights., and In past lives, Charlie has been an electronic publisher at CatchWord, a marketer at Ingenta, a scholarly comms consultant at TBI Communications, and associate editor of Learned Publishing.


7 Thoughts on "ORCID Out of the Box"

Congratulations, Charlie, on winning the prize for the best video!

Reminds me the old TV series The Prisoner: “I am not a number, I am a free man.” Not sure the ORCID folks would appreciate the comparison, but it made me chuckle.

Brilliant. I hope somebody pinned an orchid on you for this, Charlie. . . .

Can’t resist a personal anecdote. Of course I’m not really a researcher, but in my work for a client I wanted to show how easy it is to get an ORCID iD, so I got one. I told my wife “hey, guess what, I’ve got an ORCID!” and she said “Congratulations, now you can go to the prom.”

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