My husband and I have invented (we think) a new game to entertain us during lockdown. We call it “Setlist”. You have to think of a theme, and then think of as many bands / musical acts as you can with a word relating to that theme in the title. For example:

  • Travel: Bryan Ferry, Journey, Jefferson Airplane, Billie Holliday, The Cars, The Jam …
  • Software engineering: Perl Jam, Basement Jaxx, Stakker …
  • Animals: Dogs D’amour, The Byrds, Whitesnake, etc
Picture of a band on stage
Black Rebel Motorcycle at the O2 by Rocco Dipoppa on Unsplash

Having had hours of fun working our way through about 40 categories, we were beginning to run out of theme ideas — so tried a scholarly publishing theme. Herewith some of our efforts – please add yours as comments!

  • Wiley
  • Elsevier-a Lynn
  • Thomson Twins
  • S’ExPress
  • D-Ream
  • Bizarre Inc
  • Soft Cell Press
  • Clarivate-0-8 State
  • Alt-JSTOR
  • Womack & Womacmillan
  • Bon JOVE
  • James Taylor & Francis
  • Carole Tenopir-and-King
  • Paul Simon & Schuster
  • Double Blind Melon
  • Ed Harcourt
  • PLOS One Direction

Happy Lockdown everyone!

Charlie Rapple

Charlie Rapple

Charlie Rapple is co-founder of Kudos, which showcases research to accelerate and broaden its reach and impact. She is also Vice Chair of UKSG and serves on the Editorial Board of UKSG Insights., and In past lives, Charlie has been an electronic publisher at CatchWord, a marketer at Ingenta, a scholarly comms consultant at TBI Communications, and associate editor of Learned Publishing.


91 Thoughts on "Scholarly Setlist: a Game for Lockdown"

Love it! Shades of the Amswersmash round in Richard Osman’s House of Games. Apologies to all non-UK readers. House of Games only available on UK TV – BBC2 weeknights at 6 pm.

Love this game Charlie! Brilliant. I have a few suggestions:
Peter, Paul and Mary Ann Liebert
Sage against the Machine
Fleetwood Macmillan
ZZ39.50 Top

Proper LOL! Love the idea there were originally some other Liebert siblings ๐Ÿ˜‚ The others are also v funny, with ZZ39.50 Top clearly winning you a special geek prize!

The Todd Carpenters
Steely Dan Pollock or Tonkery
Excellent stuff Charlie ๐Ÿ™‚

Fun! Some more…
New Riders of the Purple Sage Group
Taylor Swift & Francis
Cambridge Over Troubled Water
Meet on the Routledge
SciELO (which needs no additions)

WorldCat Power (or WorldCat Stevens…)
OCLCD Sound System
Men at RefWorks
Ghostface Brillah
Crystal GALE
Bruce Springersteen

“Carly Simon and Schuster”
Is this fair, since her dad co-founded Simon and Schuster?
I’ll show myself out

Didnโ€™t know that, and very happy to have learned it this way – thanks – so stay ๐Ÿ˜†

Frutratingly I can’t make L7/Elsevier work… Plan S Club 7 anyone? Basement JATS?

How did I miss The David Smiths!
and George Ann Michael
Seems like each of the Chefs may have their own group

Was wondering how long that one would take to be included. Bravo!
Cochran Stills and Nash also works.

Judy Luther Vandross has it for me, excellent … The Power of TSK Love

Still struggling for Phill Jones …. think we can do better than Phill Howard Jones … What is Love

OMG – this is so much fun. I think my favorites so far are:
James Taylor & Francis
Peter, Paul and Mary Ann Liebert
Sage against the Machine
Men at RefWorks
Crystal GALE
Bruce Springersteen

It’s hard to come up with originals. Of course there’s:
Emerald (as themselves)
(El)Severe Tire Damage (

OK, my quarantine-addled brain apologizes in advance for each and every one of these:

Al Green OA
Weyes Blood Journal
Vviley (a la Alvvays)
Husker Membership Dues
Wylie Minogue
APC (after Scottish popsters APB, of Shoot You Down โ€œfameโ€)
The (Embar)Go! Team
Cheap Altmetric
DOAJ Shadow

SPIE Girls
BioOne Direction, alongside PLoS One Direction
and I think I can see the Village People singing P. N. A. S, it’s fun to stay at the PNAS (might be a stretch)

Doug, Al Green OA is excellent

This is my favorite SK post ever.

Directory of Open Access Journey
The Alan Parsons Project Euclid

Oops, I see Abigail already said ProQuestlove! May I offer in its place …

Bowker Wow Wow
Ulrich’s Springfield

Christopher CrossRef
eLife Without Buildings
Tracy Chapman & Hall
SAGE of Chance
Cannibal Oxford University Press
Boogie Box HighWire

Ooh thank you Lola, Iโ€™m honoured! At least, trying to find time to feel honoured in between fits of giggles! Loving all the contributions but for some reason Judy Luther Vandross is the one that I just canโ€™t stop laughing at! Basement JATS pretty special too, Matt. And Men at RefWorks, Abigail ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜† keep โ€˜em coming. Weโ€™ve got a few more weeks to survive …!

Can’t resist:

Talking Book Heads
The Naked and the Grateful Dead
The Doors of Perception

ORCID Creole & the Coconuts
Schoolly DOI
Bad Company of Biologists
Marky Mark Allen Group
Ringgoldie Lookin’ Chain

HA!! Bad Company of Biologists.

Adrian Stanley and I were riffing on text and I gave him band names and he came up with this brilliance!!!

EBSCO and the Bunnymen
Tears for Frontiers

I am seriously ROFL!

More team riffing with Ann … Modern Inglis (English) as in John from CSHL

and perhaps Lauren Kayne West

I also like Sweet Dreams are Made of APC’s by the EUrythmics ๐Ÿ˜‰

If we’re doing songs, then “Me and Mrs. Phill Jones” needs to be included.

Can’t forget Tom Tom Reller Club.

Eric B(ePress) & Rakim?

Rob Base & DJ EZ-Proxy Rock?

Canโ€™t believe Adrian hasnโ€™t yet suggested Charlesworth & Eddie.

EBSCO and the Bunnymen is brilliant!
Haven’t got to the bottom of the comments yet so I’m hoping neither Highwiron Maiden nor Silverchair Supply have gone.

Joan Jett and the Blackwells

One that works as is:
Kenny Rogers and the First Edition (could also be Kenny Roger Schonfeld and the First Editions)

And of course:

And then
Duke Ellington University Press
K.D and Peter Lang
Project MUSE

Frankie Goes to Hindawiwood singing RELX might be a stretch but don’t want to leave anyone out

Godspeed You! Science Editor
Built to Spill (a cascading review model)
Tom Waits for a Decision
The Proofs
Cage the Elsevier
Expressions of Concern in the Sky
Joy Decision

OK – getting back to work now. My husband just came up with:

PLOS Lobos

And Adrian is too shy to post:
Another Brick in the Pay-Wall

Can’t believe no one has yet suggested A Tribe Called ProQuest.

Also, Public (Library of Science) Enemy

Chicago (University Press) singing You’re the Innovation

ADA or AMA and the Ants … Subscribe and Deliver …

That might be me done for the day, have we reached 100 bands yet?

Thanks all for the great contributions, a fun way to spend Good Friday

Ice (Read)Cube
Big Daddy (Lauren) Kane
Faith No Morressier
Morressier Day and the Time
SheriDan the Automator

Laura Elseviers
Traveling Bloomsburys
My Life with the Brill Kill Kult

General Public Library of Science

And how have the more musical among us not already formed a band called Publish or Perish? Seems ripe for these times!

Tom Petty and The American Heart Association Breakers

Alison Mudcrutch-itt (Mudcrutch was Tom Petty’s band before the Heartbreakers)


Bachman-Turner OverDrive

Steve Earle and The Duke University Press

Ginger Baker and James Taylor

Ray “Wiley” Hubbard

(Clinical) Pearl Jam

Thank you everyone for continuing to make me laugh like a drain!

Fellow chefs, it being evening here and me one spritz in, I feel emboldened to share with you my sadness that none of you have come up with one for me yet ๐Ÿ˜‰ I will give you till the morning and then, like, whatever, Iโ€™ll do it myself…

The Charlie Rapple Daniels band seemed a bit too on the nose.

Arab Charlie Strapple?

Whoever came up with Sage Against the Machine wins the internet for today.

Lou Reed-Elsevier
Blackwell Sabbath
Fleetwood Macmillan

How did we all miss:
Ginny Hendrix (from CrossRef) and
Glen Campbell (no change required)

Oh and my husband just came up with:
Elvis PLOStello AND
Charlie Fiona (R)apple

THANK YOU, Charlie – this has been the best post ever!!!!

Heather ‘Van Morrison’ singing Have I Told You Lately …. about the rapid growth of OA ๐Ÿ˜‰ hope all is well Heather

The Black Raym Crowes … Sure OA to Handle

Love Elvis PLOStello and Alice in Chains Meadows

Thank you David, Christine, Abigail, Michael, Joanne (the winner!) and Ann!

Punk and Wagnalls
Lexis midnight runners
Cengage Nails
Ladybird Gaga
Pat Methuen
Penguin Cafe Orchestra Books
Scritti Polity (Scritti Politti is one of the best band names ever :-))

Not quite …

Torrents and the machine
Book shop boys
Siouxsie and the repositories
Small (type)faces

What about the other way …. suggested names?

The Preprints
The Double Dips
The Embargos

Let’s not forget Marc21 Bolan, ERIH Burden and the extravagant Army of Librarians!

Schoolar Bears, The Researchers, PDF Harvey and Elsevier Presley.

Took Friday off so am late to the game (literally). As someone born in the late 50’s I’m showing my age on most of these, but here goes. And a number of the publishers/vendors listed aren’t around any longer.

Gordon and Breach Boys
Booker T and the McGraw-Hills
Simon and GarFunk and Wagnalls
Grand Funk and Wagnall’s Railroad
Dr. John Wiley and Sons
Blood Swets and Tears

Brill & Sebastian
I Am Kluwert
IOPJ Harvey
The MIT MIT Bossones*

*you have to say these ones out loud

The MIT MIT Bosstones (you have to say it out loud)

Fairground Retraction

And as the Proclaimers sang, “When you go, will you send back, a Letter to the Editor”

I can’t believe it took this long for someone to hit upon Run PMC. Genius!

What about The Captain and Tenopir?

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