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Feeding the Goose: Thoughts on Fair Use and the GSU Decision

With the appellate court’s rejection of the district court’s decision in the Georgia State University fair-use case, we have yet another twist in this six-year-long saga of copyright litigation. It’s clearly a setback for GSU–but what about for fair use? Continue reading

Merger — The Consolidation Wave Hits Two Publisher Associations

Consolidation among publishers has been a trend for more than 30 years. Mergers may be gargantuan, such as the announcement last fall of Random House and Penguin, or they may be very small. Mergers and acquisitions have taken place across all segments of our industry, from trade publishers, to society publishers, press initiatives, and even … Continue reading

Have Journal Prices Really Increased Much in the Digital Age?

A new report on institutional information expenditures raises the real possibility that instead of their being a pricing problem, there’s a quantity problem driving expenditures. Continue reading

Reclaiming the Lost Publishing Mojo

Publishers have lost ground in the public debate of the role of publishing in scholarly communications. A new strategy is needed, one that emphasizes preemption, cooptation, and innovation. Continue reading

The Google/AAP Settlement: Less Than Meets the Eye?

AAP and Google have reached a confidential settlement over Google Books. But the larger Authors Guild case remains. Continue reading

Georgia State Redux: And Now the Trouncing Is Complete

What once appeared to be a lopsided ruling has, in its final form, turned into something much more definitive. Continue reading

Print Book Sales Fall, E-Book Sales Rise, and E-Books Will Soon Join the New York Times Bestseller List

The migration from print to digital continues for book readers. Even the venerable New York Times bestseller lists are changing in response. Continue reading

What Is a Career in Publishing? Recruiting the Talent We Need for the 21st Century

Publishing can’t attract the best and brightest until it markets itself correctly — as being about more than the containers of the past, and being all about the ideas and communication approaches of the future. Continue reading

Are e-Books Already Mainstream?

Consumers are adopting e-books, and even as the base grows, the growth rate is phenomenal. It might be the year for a big shift. Continue reading

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