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Rolling Back Gold Open Access in the UK

The UK government’s Business, Innovation and Skills Committee issued a report this week that offers a harsh rebuke to the RCUK’s proposed plans to drive the adoption of Open Access (OA) publishing in scholarly journals. Continue reading

Interview With Mike Rossner: On Scientific Integrity, Making Research Data Publicly Available and Routes to Open Access

An interview with MIke Rossner, former Director of Rockefeller University Press. Continue reading

CC-Bye Bye! Some Consequences of Unfettered Reproduction Rights Become Clearer

Authors should not be surprised when their open access articles show up in surprising places. Is it possible to embrace open access with some restrictions? Continue reading

Don’t Miss Another Hour with the Chefs, and Other Highlights — The SSP Annual Meeting in San Francisco

The Chefs are headed to San Francisco for another lively session closing out the SSP Annual Meeting. A range of topics and opinions will serve as dessert for a terrific meeting. Continue reading

Open Access — Idealism and Realism Remain Difficult to Reconcile, Survey Says

A survey of multiple scientific and academic domains about open access publishing provides an interesting snapshot, but fails to provide much actionable data as it conflates too many areas into one. Continue reading

The RCUK Open Access Policy Is Revised — Complexity, Confusion, and Conflicting Messages Abound

After a great deal of public and political resistance, the RCUK revises its OA policy. Unfortunately, the revisions only highlight the same problems, sow more confusion, and reveal how central the issue of academic freedom is to this approach. Continue reading

Licensing Controversy — Balancing Author Rights with Societal Good

The CC-BY license is assumed to be an open access standard, but the situation is complex — for funders, authors, universities, and publishers of all types. Perhaps a less dogmatic approach would serve all parties better. Continue reading

In Praise of “Double-Dipping” — Fairness, Affordability, Vitality, and Sustainability

By labeling activities that make things affordable and alleviate pressures throughout the system, those who argue against “double-dipping” are not only making things less affordable, but putting forth double-standards. Continue reading

CC-Huh? Fundamental Confusions About the Role of Copyright and the Reuse of Data

A fundamental confusion between articles and data leads to a call for more CC licenses and less copyright. But why are data being closed down while articles are being opened up? Is there a fundamental misunderstanding of copyright, licensing, and rights? Continue reading

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