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Confounded Complexity — Pondering the Endless Upgrade Paths of Digital Publishing

We were wrong to expect that online publishing would be cheaper and simpler than print. Acknowledging that, and facing the slower, more complicated commercial world it has created, could put us on a better path. Continue reading

What Scholarly Publishers Can Learn from Bookish

Bookish is a new online bookstore and discovery service. It is a joint venture of three publishers and presents a useful model for what scholarly publishers could do in building their own online bookstore.
Continue reading

The Approaching Golden Age of Long-form E-content — Coming Soon to a Reader Near You

Judging from the frenetic pace of developments around e-reading and e-writing, the golden age of the e-book may be just around the corner. After that, what e-books evolve into remains to be seen. Continue reading

From 1987 to 2011 — Apple’s Prototype Prediction Is Eerily Prescient

It seems Apple underpredicted the future they’d make. Facetime, Siri, iCloud, iPhone, and other innovations have made this prediction of the future seem almost old-fashioned. Continue reading

iOS: The Evolution of an Agile Business

Looking back, it’s clear Apple’s development of iOS and its device strategy has taken them down paths they didn’t expect — a true sign of agility. Continue reading

The iPad 2 — This Time, It’s a Keeper

Thinner, lighter, faster, better — this time, I think we’ll keep it. Continue reading

Apple’s iPhone 4 and iOS4: What Do They Mean for Publishers?

Apple announces a new model iPhone and an updated operating system for all iPhones/iPads/iPod Touch devices. What impact will these new technologies have on publishers? Continue reading

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