In 1987, Apple released this video of a future world in which something they were calling the Knowledge Navigator would link technology and users via an interface consisting of networked information, touch, and voice.

Eerily, the year Apple placed this future world was 2011, the year Apple would put Siri, its new voice-command system, into iOS products.

The video is hokey, but it’s clear that reality has actually exceeded these predictions in some ways — that is, the iPad is better than this prototype, the iPhone provides a mobile extension, and cellular phones make the phone call at the end seem like a vestige of the past.

It seems Apple underpredicted the future they’d make. Facetime, Siri, iCloud, iPhone, and other innovations have made this prediction of the future seem almost old-fashioned. And I’ll bet that Apple never anticipated that it would be worried about the effects of “the Amazon” in quite the way they are now.

I would still like the flying cars, moon cities, and immortality others predicted in the 1960s, however.

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Kent Anderson

Kent Anderson

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