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Are US Taxpayers the Primary Beneficiaries of the NIH Public Access Policy?

New evidence suggests that US taxpayers are not the major beneficiaries of the NIH Public Access Policy, and that even within the NIH, there has been some unease about the situation. Continue reading

Internet Trends 2013 — Growth in Iran, Gaps in Mobile Ads, and Dogs Caught Using the Internet

The 2013 Internet trends are worth examining, as they turn an iconic Internet cartoon on its head, among other things. Continue reading

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2012: The Reimagination of Nearly Everything

Mary Meeker has been spearheading Internet trend tracking for years now. This year’s update shows that Internet growth remains robust. But the real news is the growth in smart device adoption — smartphones, tablet computers, e-readers. And the trend looks like it will accelerate for years to come. This leads Meeker to proclaim we’re in … Continue reading

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2011 — Global, Mobile, and Immersive

Once again, Mary Meeker has presented her Internet trends, and once again, they are fascinating. Subtitled, “We Aren’t in Kansas Anymore . . .,” the data Meeker presents paints a picture of an online world — literally. More users come from outside the US, more time is spent on social media in at least a … Continue reading

2010 Internet Trends from Mary Meeker

Mary Meeker sums up 2010 in this slideshow, and invites us to ponder yet again what kind of ride we’re in for. Continue reading

The Subordination of Browsers, Search, and Links: Will Apps and Mobile Redefine Our Digital Lives?

A recent Atlantic article talks about how the Web is shifting into a subservient role to mobile apps. The implications for strategies are clear. Continue reading

Morgan Stanley’s 2009 Trends Favor the Mobile and the Social

Mary Meeker from Morgan Stanley presents her Internet and economic trends for the sixth year, and it’s another tour de force. Continue reading

A Gate-keeping Failure at Morgan Stanley

When a teenager is allowed to publish a report under the name of Morgan Stanley, the results show that an important gate-keeping function failed. Continue reading

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