Once again, Mary Meeker has presented her Internet trends, and once again, they are fascinating.

Subtitled, “We Aren’t in Kansas Anymore . . .,” the data Meeker presents paints a picture of an online world — literally. More users come from outside the US, more time is spent on social media in at least a dozen countries, and growth is largely occurring outside the US. However, with penetration of the Internet at 79% in the US, growth will come slower here. But not for mobile, which is growing very fast as 3G and 4G adoption accelerates.

Some questions the presentation raises:

  1. Is sound now more important than video?
  2. Is e-commerce a leading indicator?
  3. How will mobile affect bricks-and-mortar sales?

The slides are below. I apologize for the deck being wider than our margins, but this is one aspect of the new design we didn’t account for. Still, you should be able to see what you need to see.

Welcome to the global, connected age — again.

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Kent Anderson

Kent Anderson

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Slide 14 is staggering when you look at the margin of difference. 4.8 Billion non-smartphone subscribers (aka potential smartphone subscribers)??? I would love to see the rate by which those conversions are actually happening Y/Y. I could see that conversion accelerating fast as smartphone tech gets cheaper.

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