Earlier this week, I wrote about the management trap that occurs in industries undergoing disruptive innovation. David Smith from CABI forwarded this presentation from Netflix to me. It’s excellent, and deserves to be shared widely.

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Kent Anderson

Kent Anderson

Kent Anderson is the CEO of RedLink and RedLink Network, a past-President of SSP, and the founder of the Scholarly Kitchen. He has worked as Publisher at AAAS/Science, CEO/Publisher of JBJS, Inc., a publishing executive at the Massachusetts Medical Society, Publishing Director of the New England Journal of Medicine, and Director of Medical Journals at the American Academy of Pediatrics. Opinions on social media or blogs are his own.


2 Thoughts on "A Corporate Culture to Slip the Management Trap"

Thanks for sharing this presentation. It points out some common organizational challenges and some contemporary innovations that work towards solving them.

There are some good ideas here, and certainly the “HR culture” at Netflix has found effective ways to distill and concentrate the raw ingredients they’re looking for. But despite the appearance of a compassionate corporation, many of these policies treat employees as little more than a commodity to be used until its peak and then tossed aside. The best workplaces are perhaps less efficient in the strict sense of the term, but more human and more compassionate.

Work exists to serve and benefit mankind, not the other way around.

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