Well, it’s still summertime, so I’ll indulge in a diversion from our normal menu.

Portal 2” is one of the most well-done and enchanting video games around. The characters, script, voice talent, and story arc come together in a way that most major entertainment efforts can’t match. It’s funny, witty, challenging, mind-bending, and visually stunning. Best of all, it rewards collaboration by two players as they grapple with the oft-infuriating GLaDOS and the oft-exasperating Wheatley, all while trying to keep up with a plethora of snide comments and silly jokes. Through the eyes of Chell, the character in this short film inspired by the game, the payoff upon completing the game is kind of mind-blowing.

Whether you’ve never heard of it, heard of it and wondered at one of the main conceits (the creation of portals), or played it, this six-minute short film, inspired by the games “Portal” and “Portal 2,” is worth watching:

Happy Friday!

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Kent Anderson

Kent Anderson

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