This has been a busy summer in The Scholarly Kitchen, despite, or perhaps because of, all the ongoing disruption to our daily lives and work schedules. We usually take a week off around the beginning of July, but it’s taken us until now to catch up with so much that’s happening. I want to urge each of you to spend some time outside (in a safe, mask-wearing, and socially-distanced manner) and enjoy the weather while you can before we face a winter where such easy escape from the monotony of isolation and likely lockdowns must be endured. To put you in the mood, a chestnut from a long time ago that remains as gorgeous as the day it was written, Chad & Jeremy’s “A Summer Song” (live, or at least lip-synched, on American Bandstand no less).

See you in a week or so.

David Crotty

David Crotty

David Crotty is the Editorial Director, Journals Policy for Oxford University Press. He serves on the Board of Directors for the STM Association, the Society for Scholarly Publishing and CHOR, Inc. David received his PhD in Genetics from Columbia University and did developmental neuroscience research at Caltech before moving from the bench to publishing.


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Those of us living in the tropics sometimes wish we could get cooled down especially in the dry harmattan period when temperatures are constantly in the 30s of Celsius. However in the this era of pandemic am sure we wish for hot weather even for you in the temperate regions.

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