I have to confess to a sick joy. I find the blog MagazineDeathPool.com full of dark humor and interesting news, even if it is a bit twisted. It’s also very funny and informative.

Written by Grim, an anonymous magazine editor or publisher, the blog celebrates the decline and terminal throes of magazines of all types, predicting demise and doom with glee while broadcasting obituaries joyfully (representative headline: “Two more magazines take a dirtnap”). As Grim puts it:

We dedicate this blog to those magazines which look like they may be joining that Great Trashbin in the Sky, polybagged onto the River Styx, with blow-in cards a one-way ticket to oblivion.

You get the idea. If you want to watch the end from its beginning, follow MagazineDeathPool.com. It’s scary good.

Kent Anderson

Kent Anderson

Kent Anderson is the CEO of RedLink and RedLink Network, a past-President of SSP, and the founder of the Scholarly Kitchen. He has worked as Publisher at AAAS/Science, CEO/Publisher of JBJS, Inc., a publishing executive at the Massachusetts Medical Society, Publishing Director of the New England Journal of Medicine, and Director of Medical Journals at the American Academy of Pediatrics. Opinions on social media or blogs are his own.