This longish but interesting and highly entertaining talk about sketchy medical science is worth a look. Especially interesting is the last bit, which touches on the chilling effect current UK libel laws have on scientific disagreements and disputes.

I’d say “Happy Friday!”, but the message of this video is a bit less sanguine. For those who may remember Hill Street Blues, how about, “Be careful out there.”

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Kent Anderson

Kent Anderson

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1 Thought on "Ben Goldacre: A Gift to Skepticism"

Ben’s book ‘Bad Science’ is a superb read (mainly British case studies but of global relevance in practice). As is his regular column of the same name in the Guardian newspaper (archive available online) which debunks dodgy scientific journalism and ill-framed scientific research.

His stance in open access publishing might not go down well with all on this blog (I don’t agree for example), but it is pertinent to the recent moral/economic arguments.

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