sk podcastIn this episode, Scholarly Kitchen chefs Joe Esposito, Michael Clarke, and Kent Anderson talk about the uses and misuses of the term “disruption” in describing the current technological ferment in scholarly publishing, the differences between disruptive and sustaining technologies, and where real industry disruption might come from.


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3 Thoughts on "Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: If It Isn't Disruption, What Is It?"

good analysis. Disruption thrives when a new mode allows the under-served to be served (albeit with a lower quality service at first). So, whatever the outcome, MOOCs appear to threaten otherwise insulated institutions by offering to serve underserved students. What is the under-served audience of academic literature and would serving them end up creating a model that might have traction and shift the ecosystem over time?

A most interesting discussion. I am deducing that there really is not disruption as is being claimed by some. I tend to believe that when one talks disruption in a business environment that what one is doing is selling an idea in the quest for funding!

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