Collaborate, co-operate, communicate!

Much of the public debate about open access is polarized, but a recent study of scientific communications shows that extremism breeds more extremism. Isn’t it time we started to look at more effective ways to communicate – to listen, learn to understand each others’ views, and find ways of collaborating and cooperating, rather than competing?

What is Kudos? An Interview with David Sommer, Co-Founder

If there was a word of the year competition for Scholarly Publishing, #Altmetrics would be a favorite to win. David Sommer, co-founder and Director of Kudos discusses how this new service could offer usable measurements of the array of article promotion and influencing activities undertaken by scholars.

SSP IN Field Trip Report: AS220

What would SSP IN be without a field trip? Seed Media’s Joy Moore arranged an expedition to community art space AS220 where IN attendees viewed work by local artists, had lunch, and talked with Bert Crenca, AS220’s founder and artistic […]